Hebrew Public is a nonprofit organization created in 2009 to advance the Hebrew charter school movement by partnering with planning teams and existing charter schools across the country to:

  • Build and increase the capacity for designing new, high quality Hebrew language charter schools;

  • Provide resources for established schools;

  • Grow a field of educators prepared to lead Hebrew language charter schools and the movement;

  • Promote and support a network of high quality Hebrew language charter schools;

  • Support local communities to develop Hebrew language charter schools and to maximally benefit from their impact on children and families.

We are working to accomplish our mission in the following ways:

  • Recruiting communities, members  and local foundations to partner with Hebrew Public  to establish new schools;

  • Awarding planning and support grants to charter school development teams;

  • Providing technical assistance in the creation and development of schools;

  • Helping identify and train school leaders, teachers and Board members;

  • Coordinating professional development that is customized to meet the needs of educators in Hebrew language charter schools;

  • Generating and publishing curricular materials;

  • Providing direct training and consultation to Hebrew language charter schools;

  • Engaging in capacity-building activities that leverage the collective strength of schools in the network;

  • Ensuring that schools receive legal expertise in the areas of constitutional issues and in individual state education law.